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Improve plant performance and reduce risks

AnalysisWorks provides you with the tools to quickly assess the benefits and risks of different courses of action

  • Capital Asset Planning: Ensure the right tools are in place when and where you need them
  • Workflow Improvement Analysis: Increase production rates to keep up with demand
  • Project Portfolio Management: Coordinate project tracking and progress toward company goals

Evidence-based operations and logistics planning to get the most from your investments and reduce uncertainty

Plan your operations and logistics strategies before making the leap by using realistic simulation analysis. Flexible tools allow you to test multiple strategic options in a virtual environment, without imposing risk on the live production system

  • Quantify exposure to risk: Reduce the level of uncertainty in your important decisions
  • Try before you buy: Test innovative strategic options in a low-risk virtual environment
  • Efficiently assess multiple scenarios: Dramatically reduce planning cost and effort

Workflow improvement analysis to boost plant performance and gauge feasibility of new ideas

Improve factory performance through evidence-based, data-driven simulations. Validated workflow improvement analyses mimic how your system works down to the smallest detail. It allows you to test new ideas and see how they would play out in a realistic, 3D environment

  • Quickly assess benefits and risks: Reduce uncertainty in your most important decisions
  • Validate process changes: Increase confidence that ideas will achieve their desired result
  • Visualize the impact: See how proposed changes impact flow on the shop floor

Project Portfolio Management to coordinate multiple initiatives and track progress toward company goals

Track multiple moving parts and drive accountability using centralized project management tools. AnalysisWorks provides straightforward, web-based systems that help you get clear on project expectations while monitoring progress toward organizational goals

  • Clarify Expectations: Get crystal clear on the expected costs and benefits of your projects
  • Build accountability: Know when initiatives are falling short or exceeding expectations
  • Web-based repository: Update and track project progress from any location